Leadership Coaching

With a Focus on Leaders in Transition

  • Do you have key executives challenged by a significant    strategy change, restructure or merger / acquisition?
  •  Is a High Potential leader facing a significant "jump in scope" of responsibility?  Do they know what could derail them and what to do about it?
  • Are new leaders struggling to make the shift from team member to team leader?
  •  Have you invested in your High Professional leaders?  Do you optimize their unique strategic value to the organization and their career satisfaction?
  • Overall, how clear are your leaders about their development needs and alignment with their career goals?

"While effective leadership comes in many styles, one constant is that all effective leaders have found a way to integrate their true selves with their "work".  The value I add is to help the leader become more aware of  their own natural leadership style, the choices they have and the impact of those choices.  The ability to do this relies on a foundation of self-awareness.  Leaders can't know the truth about another without knowing it about themselves.  As a Gestalt trained coach, I am uniquely able to work with leaders in this context."  Andy Powell, Founder Rule6

"All of us have the spark of leadership in us, whether it is in business, government, family or non-profit.. The challenge is to discover how we can use our leadership gifts to serve others" 


Ann Fudge, former CEO Young and Rubicam, current board member at GE, Unilever, and Novartis.


  • Contracting: We jointly define objectives, timelines, confidentiality expectations and do a chemistry check.
  • Diagnostics: Using your resources or mine,  we gather information to better understand development needs and goals.
  • Define Developmental Focus: In context of organization priorities, we define a specific and measurable developmental focus and the process for tracking progress.
  • Coaching:  Coaching occurs on a flexible but regular schedule, with ongoing feedback and adjustments to the developmental focus as needed. 
  • Evaluate:  We reflect on the client's growth and outcomes and determine if it is time to re-contract or end the relationship.  If ending, we develop a plan to maintain gains and ensure continued development. 

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