Organizational Change

involving the entire system Positively

  • Beyond the organization chart and financials,  how well do you understand what else needs to change for your merger / acquisition or restructure to succeed?
  • How will you leverage the collective experience of all colleagues in achieving the results expected from a restructure or reduction and returning to full effectiveness?
  • Do you know how to link culture with strategy and take on a culture change effort that "sticks"?
  • Has a recent adverse event created the need for significant behavioral changes?
  • Are you clear on the gaps between current skills, capabilities and critical roles and what will be needed to be successful in the future?

"I don't see organizations as problems to solve.  Nor are they ever bodies at rest.  They are living, breathing things of many interdependent parts and therefore in a constant state of change.  The trick is to harness and align all of this energy toward a common purpose.   Things are going to change anyway, so it might as well be in a direction that you choose to go.  Somewhere, today, in every organization there are people and teams doing things that could result in levels of success only imagined - if only we could see them.  Unfortunately, most change efforts only focus on what is broken.     Andy Powell, Founder Rule6

"Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have - and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up"


James Belasco and Ralph Stayer,  Flight of the Buffalo


  • Change Management:  The Rule6 approach to change management is based on a disciplined systems view of the organization. Drawn from years of experience with businesses, non-profits and major consulting firms, Rule6 has developed a change management approach that is well suited for small to mid-size organizations and is sustainable and transferable.
  • Culture change: Rule6 has a proven and unique approach to culture change which is based on a clear and consistent linkage with organization strategy and outcomes.  By integrating principles from Viral Change, Appreciative Inquiry and "story-telling" we are able to help translate the culture vision into practical, day to day behaviors that all colleagues can understand and own. 
  • Strategic Talent Management:  In partnership with internal Talent Management staff, Rule6 works with organizations to define the leadership and functional competencies needed to support the future needs of the organization.  Once defined, we assess current strengths, gaps and talent development systems to define next steps and implement.

Rule6 Point of View