Teams In Transition

With a Focus on Accelerating Team Performance

  • Has a recent reorganization, merger, or acquisition affected important teams who need to quickly deliver?
  • Are your matrix teams challenged by issues involving  accountability, decision making, and stakeholder management?
  • Do your Senior Leadership teams have full clarity about their role, decisions owned, and the real work of the team?
  • Have you formed "limited duration" teams with an important objective and finite timelines?
  • Is a joint venture at risk due to lack of alignment in the combined leadership team?

"The prevalence of teams of all kinds has grown steadily for the last several decades.  The implied belief is teams are more productive, efficient and creative.  Experience and research belies this.  If a team is the right approach,  most will need help if they are to perform optimally.  The majority of teams are not clear on their membership, role, objectives or decision making process.  Most of this can be resolved by having the discipline to do a few basic things well and these don't include "team-building".   Productive teams typically have high member satisfaction but the reverse is not true."  Andy Powell, Founder Rule6

"Research consistently shows that teams under perform, despite all the extra resources they have.  That's because problems with coordination and motivation typically chip away at the benefits of collaboration" 


J. Richard Hackman, Edgar Pierce Professor of .Social and Organizational Psychology at Harvard University


  • Diagnostics, Assessment and Action Planning: Using observation, individual interviews, and proven team assessments we identify the critical few issues needing attention.
  • Team Chartering: Chartering involves specific focus on team purpose, objectives, member roles and accountability, team structure and decision making processes.
  • Team "working" Process:  If needed we will clarify meeting management, key stakeholder engagement, degree of "straight talk", and norms for healthy conflicts.
  • Specialized Needs: There are several unique team needs I have experience with such as: Integration of new team members, merger of two teams into one, virtual teams, demand for high levels of creativity and innovative thinking.

Rule6 Point of View